Transmission of multimedia content (audio and video) through the Internet, we have a powerful network of servers located in the world’s best datacenter, we have backup servers available to come immediately into action.

Such technology allowed to store in a buffer which is listening or watching. Streaming makes it possible to listen to music or watch videos without having to be downloaded before.

There is no doubt that the transmission of multimedia content via the Web will become increasingly important. Streaming technology is a future market and large companies are already struggling because of that, the Internet speed will increase with time and it will increase the quality of transmissions to enable both radio and television online.

Developing Web applications in PHP, NET, C # P
The most important thing for is offering alternatives and services that make our customers in a personalized way, and the benefits that we put at their disposal to help them be successful in transmitting their content.

Our designs are structured into five major ranges to adapt to what you are looking for in the web company. At all times we will advise you to choose the range of Web page that you are looking for in terms of the characteristics of both his company and his audience, the goals you choose to tailor the design of the website to your corporate image or if you wish to develop your web business a new corporate image.

This technology will transform in the near future the current TV, but this is necessary networks much faster than the current ones, to ensure quality service.

The supplier does not deliver content that the viewer is waiting to connect, but the content will come only when the customer requests. The key is customization of content for each client individually. This allows the development of Pay per view or Pay per event or video on demand. The user will have a receiver connected to your computer or your TV via a guide you can select the content you want to view or download stored on the receiver and thus can display as many times as you want..

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